Located in the quaint rural county of Highland, proudly surrounded by family-owned farms and the East Fork of the Little Miami River, Lynchburg is home to the only covered bridge in the state of Ohio that connects two counties, Highland and Clinton.


To give you a glimpse, Lynchburg is one of those types of places where people, consumed by the rush of big city life, dream of settling down and raising a family. We call it home.


Today we take great pride in our community. We are grateful to neighbors who have looked out for one another for generations. Here, neighbors watching neighbors was a natural outpouring of our friendly residents that existed long before the present-day concept of Neighborhood Watch became popular.


We take great joy in our small but active town where most everything we need is within walking distance. The alleys behind our historic homes were originally designed to accommodate the delivery of coal and now have become our walking paths for all generations. In just over an hour, we can access Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus and all of their amenities including airports, theater, concerts, extensive shopping districts, and of course, professional sports. We are surrounded by beautiful state parks as well as scenic lakes for fishing, boating and sailing, and our neighbors include two private colleges and one community college.


We cherish the past while we continue to build our future.  We welcome you to the place we call home.